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A great mailbox, with a lot more features to come

Every mailbox supports custom sieve scripts to sort your incoming mail, and a tailored spamfiltering solution, which autolearns what you think is spam. Simply move emails in and out of your spam folder, to adapt the system.

Included calendars and address book

Unlimited calendars (CalDAV) and an address book (CardDAV) included in every mailbox. Keep your appointments and contacts synced between all your devices.

IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV and Git endpoints

We will provide you all necessary endpoints for your mail clients. All endpoints are available only via secure connections (HTTPS, STARTTLS).

Use your own domain

You could use @developermail.io for your new mailbox or your own domain. Using your own domain requires that you have access to your domains DNS settings to set the required MX, DKIM and SPF records.

We don't scan

We will never scan your mailbox for marketing or big-data purposes nor do we sell or share your private data with third parties.
Unlike freemail services, with Developermail you don't pay with your data and privacy.

Bring your own client (BYOC)

We believe that developers should use what they think are the best tools to get their work done. So please bring your own mail clients, with which you are familiar and that work for you. We support the IMAP and SMTP standards, to make sure you can use our services with the client you want. No vendor lock-ins!

Address tag support

All mailboxes come with address tag support. You may specify tags to distinguish your emails, and you can use them in your sieve rules to filter emails automatically. Just append "+tag" to the user part of your email address.
Example: Emails to "john+work@developermail.io" will end up in the "john@developermail.io" mailbox.

Sieve mail filtering rules

Store your Sieve mail filtering rules in your private Git repository. As soon as you "git push", they're live. This helps you to make sure that your mailbox always looks tidy, and makes sure your mailbox looks the same on all clients at any time.

Awesome new features to come!

We're developers, too. And as such we like building amazing stuff! Stay tuned for awesome new features, like the ability of running automated scripts on your emails. Think of things like writing markdown mails in vim and developermail converts them automatically to HTML mails, your non-developer friends can read. Please note that this feature is not yet available.

Great for Startups, too.

Use Developermail in your company

Developermail is built for (surprise!) developers. Whether you want to use Developermail privately or in your company, we got you covered.

SLA in the future

In the near future we will be able to offer SLA support packages to enterprise customers.

Git configuration

Sign up once, maintain mailboxes using YAML configuration files

You only have to sign up once and then can create, delete and manage further mailboxes via configuration files (YAML).

"git clone" and "git push"

All configuration of your Developermail account is done using Git. Just commit and push your changes, and they're live! The repositories are hosted securely on our own servers.

Accountability logs

If you use Git for all configuration, you can use Git's build in features like "git log" as accountability audit logs.

Configure everything

Developermail feels like your very own self-hosted mailbox but takes away all server maintenance hassle. Start thinking about optimizing your mailbox and forget about time consuming server adminstration.

Check out some example configuration files:

Mailbox and domain configuration, using a plain YAML file

You can add aliases, forwards, mailboxes, sieve rules and even new domains using a configuration YAML file. Push the changes, and they're live immediately!

# Register klaus.smith@developermail.io
# Use the default sieve filter, and configure two additional aliases:
# klaus@developermail.io and ks@developermail.io.
# Finally, forward all email to another mailbox
    sieve: sieve/default.sieve
      - klaus
      - ks
    forwards: [klaus@custom.com]

# Manage your domain "custom.com" with developermail
# Use klaus@custom.com as a primary address,
# with the two aliases office@custom.com and support@custom.com
      - office
      - support

# Catchalls are also supported!
    aliases: ["@"]

Fully configurable sieve filter rules

You can specify custom mail filtering rules, or use one of the provided filtersets. Never get overwhelmed by a full, unsorted mailbox again!

require "fileinto";
require "regex";
require "imap4flags";

# Place all spam mails in "Spam" folder
if header :contains "X-Spam" "yes" {
  setflag "\\Seen";
  fileinto "Spam";

Security and Privacy

We value security and privacy

Please read more on our security page.