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Each mailbox comes with:

  • 3 additional aliases
  • Unlimited calendars
  • Address book
  • 5 GB storage

Your custom domain.

Includes 2 mailboxes.

Each mailbox comes with:

  • Unlimited calendars
  • Address book
  • 5 GB storage
  • Unlimited aliases and forwards

Additional mailboxes: $5 per month each.

Enterprise features

Do you need:

  • More than 10 mailboxes or domains?
  • A mail relay for your application?

Contact us for volume discounts and additional offerings.

Every mailbox is fully featured including:

Calendars, Contacts, Reminders

Every mailbox comes with unlimted calendars, an address book and reminders.

5GB storage

Every mailbox provides 5GB of storage.

Git configuration

Configure your setup using our unique Git configuration.

Catchall support

For custom domains, catchall support is included.

Additional storage?

Additional storage: monthly $2 per 5GB.

Aliases and Forwards

Specify additional aliases for your mailbox, and/ or forward your mail to other accounts

Unlimited Bandwith

All traffic for incoming and outgoing mail is already included.

No ads

We value your privacy and will never scan your mailbox for marketing purposes.

Spam protection

An auto-learning anti-spam system protects your from annoying spam.