Privacy policy

Data reduction and data economy has a high priority on Developermail.
Therefore, we're trying to collect as little data from you as necessary.
Developermail is hosted in Germany and is underlying German legal regulations, such as the BDSG, TMG and TKG.
To ensure an appropriate safety for your data, our servers are located in Germany.

Personal data

For payment, Developermail is using the external payment provider Stripe. This ensures that we have no access to payment data such as your credit card number, as all payment data is solely managed by Stripe. The payment details provided on our sign-up form is directly send to Stripe and doesn't end up on our servers. Stripe guarantees in its privacy policy to follow the EU regulation 95/46/EG and therefore fulfills data protection requirements necessary for transferring personal data between companies located in the EU and the USA. For further information, please consult Stripe's privacy policy, which is available at this URL:

Usage data

When using Developermail, data occurs and will be saved for technical and statistical reasons. This especially concerns IP-addresses. The Developermail website doesn't use cookies.
All your passwords on Developermail will never be stored in plain-text, but only as a salted hash (SHA512-CRYPT with rounds=100000). Emails, calendars and configuration Git repositories are saved on encrypted (LUKS, AES-256) hard-drives. This protects your data from physical attack vectors, like stolen hard-drives.
Find more technical information in our security overview

Due to technical reasons, however, it is possible for Developermail staff to access your email, calendar and configuration data. We recommend all customers to use end-to-end encryption technologies like GPG.

In case you require further information regarding privacy, feel free to contact our support: